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Enigmatic AI is a free and privacy-conscious Artificial Intelligent Chatbot for iOS. It can provide information on multitude of topics and help you accomplish your work and professional tasks. Enigmatic AI is powered by the latest AI models and is as powerful as ChatGPT and GPT 4.

Unlike other apps Enigmatic AI respects your privacy and runs locally on your iPhone. Your prompts and conversations are not collected or sent to any servers.

Enigmatic AI is free and offers unlimited usage.

With Enigmatic AI you can:

  • Complete your professional tasks faster.

  • Easily craft social media posts, cover letters, resumes, emails, etc.

  • Generate stories and engage in entertaining conversation.

  • Chat with a virtual friend.

  • Brainstorm new ideas and get suggestions.

  • Learn new things with assitance of AI.

  • Write essays and summarize long articles.

  • Get help with assignments and programming problems.


  • Free and private usage

  • Working offline without internet connection

  • Conversation archive

  • Prompt library

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